My services can be subcategorized as follows:

  • Drug discovery support
  • Synthetic route scouting
  • CMC support
  • Project management
  • Scientific/technical writing
  • Chemical literature search
  • Chemical education.

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Drug discovery support

I’m ready to advise you on the selection and procurement of commercial compound libraries and design and synthesis of bespoke libraries for high-throughput screening. I will then help you prioritize hit compounds for further development based on safety, cost, stability, solubility, synthetic accessibility and eventually scalability. Expertise with fragments, small molecules, synthetic peptides and natural products.

Synthetic route scouting

I will prepare for you a detailed synthetic plan for your target compound(s) grounded on sound chemical rationale and supported by the scientific literature. Expertise with synthetic peptides and small molecules/drug substances.

CMC support

I will advise you on the design, optimization and scale-up of chemical processes compliant with cGMP and ICH guidelines. Expertise with supporting drug discovery, pre-clinical and Phase I development projects; synthetic peptide vaccines (50-400 mg scale) and drug substances (gram-to-kilogram scale).

Project management

I have experience working with cross-cultural teams across multiple time zones and leading and delivering successful drug discovery, pre-clinical and Phase I development projects.

I will take charge and deliver your development project on time and within budget through,

  • Procurement of raw materials with an eye on quality and cost-saving.
  • Real-time and comprehensive project planning with the help of Gantt charts.
  • Efficient management of resources and budget.
  • Effective communication with all project stakeholders: client(s), development and production teams, quality assurance, material management, management, business development, outsource partners.
  • Evaluation of process safety using process risk assessments.
  • Quick resolution of unexpected quality issues including authoring of CAPAs and deviations.
  • Going the extra mile.

Scientific/Technical writing

I will save you time by authoring your scientific/technical documents. I have a track record writing the following documents:

  • Research papers: short communications, full articles, reviews, book chapters.
  • Quality documents: work instructions, standard operating procedures, CAPAs, deviations, root-cause investigations, risk assessments.
  • Research proposals.

My expertise lies with synthetic organic chemistry, peptide synthesis, drug discovery, chemical biology, protein-protein interactions – nuclear receptors and 14-3-3 proteins – and pharmaceutical development.

Chemical literature searching

I can offer you a literature searching service to answer specific chemical questions – e.g. chemical safety, chemical properties, novelty and/or accessibility of a specific chemical compound, chemical suppliers.

Chemical education

I can offer my teaching services lecturing bachelor and master-level synthetic organic chemistry, instrumental analysis and biochemistry courses.